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Our service is conducted as a bi-lingual service in English and Romanian.  We have active translation through portable headsets.  If you do not speak both languages, we suggest you request one from an usher or door greeter.    There is no dress code, however the majority of our congregation dresses between causal to business casual.  We are a friendly and open group so expect to be stopped and greeted with a warm smile and a hand shake.

Primary English Translation:        ESV (English Standard Version)

Primary Romanian Translation:  RMNN  (Dumitru Cornilescu Version)

Translation Receiver

Service Times


Main Service


5:00 PM – 7:00 PM Sundays


Front Entrance Of The Main Sanctuary

Main Service

We begin our main worship service at 5:00PM (17:00) Sundays with all of our focus upon the true and living God!

Our service is often unique each time, however you can expect worship music in both Romanian and English lead by our Worship leaders.   Music is notably common church songs accompanied by guitar, piano and sometimes percussion.

We also follow a corporate prayer time which the congregation is encouraged to pray during this time together.  We also recite the Lords prayer.

We also encourage families or young children to recite bible verses or sing songs in worship and adoration towards God as part of our corporate worship.

During our service, parents with small children will be asked to take their children (3-8) downstairs for Christ centered age appropriate learning.  Older children are ask to stay in service.

During the service we have a team of dedicated Choir members who sing glory to God through a variety of songs.

Our worship and prayer time is followed by a sermon that is between 45 – 50 minutes on average.   The sermons are usually preached by our Pastors, however, we do have leaders and others from our congregation or guests preachers who may also preach the word of God.    We preach in a format that is more notably expository (verse by verse) to exposit and unpack the bible and lead our congregation through the history, context and meaning of the passages through it’s key application.    We may also do some topical sermons if the holy spirit is leading the pastor to focus on a need.  We put a huge importance of the responsibility of the preached word being as true to the bible as possible to the best of our ability.  We pray that the Lord leads us to truth and understanding of him!

To close our service, we may sing a song at the end of service and/or have announcements.


Our nursery is upstairs behind the balcony in the main sanctuary.  The stairs are to the left as you walk in the front doors.   Parents with small or nursing children may go up there if you feel the need.  We have speakers in the room for your convince, so you do not miss the service and the sermon.

Lord's Supper

Our tradition is to “proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes” (1 Cor 11:23-26) by partaking in the Lord’s Supper, remembering the Lord together on the first Sunday of every month during the main service preceding the preaching of the Word.  All believers who believe and trust in Jesus Christ should partake with us in the Lord’s Supper.


We observe those who proclaim their union with Christ in his death and resurrection by being baptized (Romans 6:3-5). Our practice is to periodically have baptisms throughout the year, where we will hear the testimonies from those being baptized and then we perform the baptism in water to observe the public profession of faith in obedience and outward representation of an inward reality.

Sunday School (Children)

During the service on Sunday, all children under 13 are asked to join the Sunday School at the discretion of the parents.    Our Sunday School is broken by age group for age appropriate biblical learning.

Daily Walk

Throughout the week we continue to worship and seek Christ through our love which results in obedience to him in our various vocations, callings and settings. In so doing we aim to testify concerning the rule and reign of God in this world by the daily Christ-like walk and verbal proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.